Parental involvement

Parents make a real difference at St Patrick's

Parents are encouraged to contribute to the school community through participation at the level appropriate to individual circumstances. Parent involvement is evident in the school throughout the school day and has been invaluable in:

  • Fundraising, social activities
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Parent Committee
  • Athletic and Swimming Carnivals, Cross Country Carnival and St Patrick's Day Celebrations
  • Assemblies, Masses, Excursions, Open Days
  • Parent & Teacher Meetings, Parent Interviews, and Parent Information Programs 
  • Parent Class Support

During the school year, we also ask for parent helpers to assist with reading groups, in the library, at sporting events, by covering books, assisting at and attending excursions, and through involvement in the Quality Catholic Schools Survey.

St Patrick's also has a Parent Representative Council Rep. Our PRC Rep regularly communicates upcoming PRC events and important information, to the school community.

Please note that all volunteer workers in schools are required to undergo child protection training. Visit the Parramatta Catholic Education Office website 'Building Child Safe Communities' for more information.

Parent Groups

Our school is generously supported by active Parent Committees e.g. Fundraising, Social. Through the committed and dedicated efforts of parents over the years, many activities have been organised for the benefit of the children and funds raised have provided much needed resources including outdoor seating, library books, reading materials, classroom computers, printers and software, air conditioning to classrooms and outdoor covered areas. Social activities such as Family Discos are anticipated with excitement by the children.

Parent Information Sessions

Parent Information Sessions are held regularly to discuss educational issues, and at St Patrick’s Primary we invite parents to contribute to school development.